No Sweat, My Pink Red Ruby Lips Shout Back

 Fully Awake 6:6

The culmination of a six part exhibition cycle at Holden Gallery, Manchester School of Art

November 4th 2021 – December 17th 2021

Fully Awake is a cycle of six exhibitions which embraces an inter-generational approach to celebrating the practice and teaching of painting. Curated by Ian Hartshorne & Sean Kaye for the organisation Teaching Painting, whose remit is to produce publications, symposia, conferences and exhibitions celebrating the teaching of painting within Art Schools at all levels.

Sue Williams with Terry Setch and Geraint Ross Evans

David Alker with Michael Brick and Inga Lineviciute

Eliza Bonham Carter with John Dougill and Sarah PootsGraham Chorlton with Michael Brick and Jack Foster

Dan Coombs with Ken Kiff and Fatemah Bagherian

James Green with John Strutton and Hannah Short

Atsuhide Ito with Mick Finch and Harriet Poznansky

Peter Layzell with Roger Woodiwiss and Abi Hampsey

Donal Moloney with Lisa Milroy and Stephanie Carr

Kathleen Mullaniff with Mario Dubsky and Liz Arnold

Sarah Pickstone with Prunella Clough and Sara Anstis

Wayne Robinson with Tom McGuirk and Amy Robinson

Gary Simmonds with Peter Lloyd Lewis and Conor Rogers

John Strutton with Alan Miller and Stephen Dunne

Ruth Sumner with John Lancaster and Tom Robertson