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Dr Nick Ossei-Gerning

“It is my passion as a clinician to raise the profile of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and to create a better understanding of the trauma that this problem can cause to many as a harbinger of heart disease, as well as its devastating effects upon men and womens’ relationships.

ED continues to be a taboo subject, leaving many to suffer in silence. My vision for this collaboration with Sue is that it is a perfect opportunity to team up with artists, scientists, medical professionals, political figureheads and patients to bring to the fore new thinking and ways of communicating about this crucial subject.

Through this I would like the work to reach a substantial public audience and contribute to a change in both the public and professional attitude to the condition so that patients are no longer confused and disturbed needlessly and encouraged to seek out the help that is available”

Dr Nick Ossei-Gerning

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British society for Sexual Medicine