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throb rehearsalsthrob rehearsalsthrob rehearsals
Day Seven working with the dancers...

Rehearsals.. more rehearsals...

Spent some time at the Museum planning Sunday's presentation at the Reardon Smith Theatre. Went very well and we all feel the work will look handsome on that platform.

Back to St David's Hall for more rehearsals, mostly setting dance to music. Great things coming out of it all... who would have thought such a subject could provoke such intriguing responses.

Ann Sue and Roy had a long evening meeting about the running order on Sunday and how we would play the event to get maximum showing for all the artistic responses to the theme.
soft touch hard heart
Sue Williams and Dr Nick Ossei-Gerning have given an innovative talk on the THROB art-meets-science project at the COLLABORATE 2015 held at the Taliesin Lecture Theatre, Swansea University, on October 20.



Sue Williams has presented her work and THROB to the British Society for Sexual Medicine Conference ‘Sexual Medicine in the Heart of England’ on October 9th at The Heart of England Conference Centre, Coventry.

Dr David Edwards, the Chair commented upon Sue’s session “It gave a good contrast to all the other sessions and widened people's minds to think outside the box in using different ways of expressing things.” Dr David Edwards GP Chipping Norton/ Specialist in male and female sexual problems. Immediate past president of British Society for Sexual Medicine.