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Response to the Press

In response to the misleading inaccuracies published recently in the national press and subsequent discussions on the internet regarding my current project, I wish to make the following statement:

My work is and has always been the interpretation of the human dynamic, there are no boundaries. The process and journey in my work demands thorough research, educated awareness and intuitive sensitivity. My present work is a desire to visually explore and understand issues related to the feminine ideal. The desire to change body shape, the pressure to create perfection and to compromise a personal identity. This particular body of work is wholly about WOMEN. It is NOT about racial comparisons.

The award I have been given by the Arts Council in Wales will fund only one aspect of a planned body of work. This will incorporate a recorded dialogue about the interpretation through drawing of the main premises within my work with a psychotherapist. The outcome of which will be in 2, 3, and 4 dimensions.

I work with integrity and passion. I interpret a world that I find, personally, intriguing and at the same time disturbing.

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