“Sue Williams’ work grabbed me, touched me, struck me as something potent and important…”Sadie Plant ( Author and the Director of the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit at University of Warwick/UK)


“A delicious taste of the extraordinary “

Many of her exhibitions have had a very theatrical atmosphere. This must be what has drawn Diversions Artistic Associate Director Roy Campbell-Moore to bring her work to life accompanied by silence, music from Moloko, Diamond Gap, Chopin, Eminem and BBC Radio 4 and magnificently aided by the precision and excellence of the two choreographer/dancers……….It’s from that high degree of empathy and understanding that the excellence and excitement emerges far more than from the erotic and sensual moments that so precisely reflect William’s drawings. They feature very large on one wall of the Dance House.” 
‘SHH!’ reviewed by Michael Kelligan   Theatre in Wales 2009


“An audacious, category-defying show soused in sexiness“

As soon as you walk into the Dance House at Wales Millennium Centre, it’s clear that SHH! is going to be no ordinary dance performance. For a kick-off, there’s no traditional audience/stage divide; there are no seats and the ‘stage’ is demarcated by white masking tape on the floor in the centre of the space with paths all around it so the audience can roam about and view the full 360-degree version of the show. Then as you look at the walls which are covered by images created by acclaimed visual artist Sue Williams who, along with the co-founder of Wales’s contemporary dance company Diversions Roy Campbell-Moore, directed the show, you notice the real indicator that the night isn’t exactly going to be conventional. On the set, which is dressed as a bog-standard flat complete with living room, kitchen and bathroom, you eventually spot a naked couple in bed together, the woman covered by the sheets but the man completely exposed. OK, it’s safe to say we’ve left Kansas and are in for something a little more X-rated…….. And that’s the great thing about the evening – it gets the old brain whirring and provokes questions about sexuality, communication, power, the dynamics of male-female relationships.”

‘SHH!’ reviewed by Jason Jones   Theatre in Wales 2009

ALTERNATIVE ROUTES collaboration with choreographer Eleesha Drennan

“You only have to watch Imbue, the evening’s finale (which involved said flesh-flashing), to see the skill and sheer lyricism that is largely beyond the grasp of us regular punters……..The latter particularly showcased the relationship between these choreographers and their designers – including Artes Mundi-shortlisted visual artist Sue Williams”.
Jason Jones