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Sue Williams is a prominent artist with a recognised body of work and an exhibition history of both solo and group shows on five continents.  The work is both raw and accomplished; strong, charged and challenging in its links to contemporary lives and the sexualisation of western society. 

She has taken part in many exhibitions and residencies and has a clutch of prestigious awards recognising her art including the National Eisteddfod Wales (Gold Medal winner 2000), the Rootstein Hopkins Award (2000) and has shown in the Avesta Biennial, Sweden (2000) and the Site-ations Project in New York (2001). She was a shortlisted artist for the Artes Mundi 2, International Visual Art Prize 2006 selected by Deepak Ananth and Ivo Mesquita. In 2009 she was awarded a major Creative Wales Award by Arts Council of Wales. Her work features in several leading private and public collections throughout USA, Africa and Europe including the National Museum & Galleries of Wales; Contemporary Arts Society; Welsh Assembly Government and The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea.

Sue Williams’ continues to explore and challenge the fantasies of feminism, sexuality, gender and culture in her work, in doing so she offers her passionate and direct response to the complex world of human frailty – the stuff of life. Throughout her work she is constantly revealing an ambiguous boundary between a secure place and an insecure place, between the real and the imagined, drawing the viewer into her world of provocative sexual politics. Drawing plays a major role within her work and it is through the use of the drawn image that Sue Williams’ preoccupation with the notion of desire and frailty unfolds. The canvas and the paper are tools for the artist to manipulate, the use of text and material beyond the surface of the canvas adds to the theatrical and the unconventional, the disconnectedness of human connectedness revealed in Sue Williams’ work.

Sue Williams’ work strongly supports the notion of drawing as an urgent and immediate form of non-verbal communication. This drawing installation started in 2003 and continues as a deep source of ideas for developing concepts and producing new bodies of work. There are already over 1,000 drawings founded upon the notion of the ‘spaces in-between’ the artists interpretation of everyday living, drawn from observations and experiences of both the virtual world and the real world. Through drawing and manipulation of other materials she reveals truths and untruths, often subverting what we think we know and the lies we tell to protect ourselves and each other in a riot of image and text, in both a serious and playful manner. Through the process of drawing the artist begins to understand and to reveal the bigger pictures, the ‘spaces in-between’, as they manifest themselves through edge-defying canvas installations, visually stimulating theatre installations, drawing installations and film.