BARE RED 1 – 3

October 16, 2020 Sue Williams Uncategorized 0 comments

ISOLATION noun: the process or fact of isolating or being isolated

living on your own is one thing but living in isolation is another. to look out of the window and imagine the world is still moving but you’ve stood still. BARE RED exposes fear, freedom of imagination, loneliness and hope from she who is looking out of her window’ – sue williams

BARE RED is a series of 3 chinese books painted by williams during the months of the covid19 lockdown. williams had the books custom made in hangzhou market by traditional art book-makers at 四宝草堂 the humble house of four treasures [the four treasures refer to the four materials used in chinese painting/calligraphy – brush, ink, paper + ink stone] during a research trip to china. each accordion-fold book includes 25 pages measuring 40 x 40cm, making the total length of each volume a continuous 10meters between two fabric covered + embroidered hard covers. a generous mix of materials are used – ink, spray paint, highlighter pens, acrylic paint + pencil together with torn paper, magazine cut-outs + cardboard collaged throughout

BARE RED books are deeply personal, authentic, incredibly moving and relatable tomes of real human experience in real time. together, the volumes create a linear visual diary of williams’s personal experience + feelings stretched out over days/weeks/months of the lockdown. we’re reading + viewing her daily thoughts and emotions in flux – reacting to the frightening news, anger at the new world outside, loneliness of isolation, the longing for family + friends, the grief of loosing connections, the boredom of monotony, the need for physical touch + sexual release, the bizarreness of newly adopted routines of a new normal; the range of emotions that so many of us shared in experiencing during lockdown

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